Not Quite: Asian American by Law, Asian Woman


The National Cambodian Heritage Museum & Killing Fields Memorial
2831 W. Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


September 15, 2017
7:00 pm
9:00 pm

Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller, author, and performing artist. She has been featured at storytelling shows in Chicago, Atlanta, Cedar Rapids, New York, Asheville, and Kansas City. She has performed her solo show, NOT QUITE: ASIAN AMERICAN BY LAW, ASIAN WOMAN BY DESIRE, at National Storytelling Conference, Capital Fringe Festival, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Boulder International Fringe Festival, and Houston Fringe Festival so far in 2017. Her motto: "Make your life the best story you tell.

"From Ada Cheng: "I designed this solo performance, Not Quite: Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire, with political urgency. This show is a direct response to our current political climate and the TrumpPresidency. In this solo, I use "not quite" to connect several main themes, including but not limited to the meanings of home(land), the institutionalization of the alien status, the fractured nature of Asian American identity, and the politics of intersectionality. I intend this show to be an artistic intervention and a challenge to current politic affairs and intellectual debates. This is one of the ways I resist and protest as an artist-storyteller-scholar."

Admission is $10 where the proceeds will go towards the National Cambodian Heritage Museum. The museum has provided tradional Cambodian music / arts / dance classes to youths and all of our community members in Chicago / Chicagoland area. In addition, the museum is the only one internationally outside of Cambodia that focuses on the Cambodian Kiling Fields genocide 1975-79 where over 2 million Cambodian civilians were killed, and the healing efforts for our Cambodian genocide survivors. During the Cambodian genocide, many of its artists, writers, scholars were executed as they were seen as threats to the Khmer Rouge regime. In honor of their contribution, the museum honors their space to allow fellow artists to express their creativity, individuality, and advocacy.


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