Meet Peter Kim

February 24, 2017

Peter Kim is a Chicago actor and comedian, performing stand-up, improv and now podcasting his smart humour in Ajumma Podcast. Learn more about this edgy performer and listen to his podcast.

What's your personal story?
I was born and raised in Flushing, Queens to a conservative family of immigrants that all lived in the same apartment building. We grew up in a church that preached that it was ok to be gay, you just weren't allowed to act on it. So I left home as soon as I could on a journey to find myself that took me to all around the country and for a month in Europe. Now I'm in Chicago, "working" as a comedian and trying to figure out how to find the sense of a new home.

‍Peter Kim

What's your character's story in "Ajumma Podcast”?
I play the character of  "Peter Kim" on stage, on my social media, and of course on the Ajumma Podcast. She's an extension, exaggeration, and caricature of who I really am. And yes, the public persona of Peter Kim does not subscribe to gender norms, but I like to refer to her as a female spirit. She's a true trash comedy queen, but you're seeing her out of drag.

What challenges does your character face telling this story?
She's a narcissistic, husky, gay Korean man living in Chicago - so where do we even start with the challenges? On top of that she is hot tempered (typically Korean) and doesn't have a filter on her mouth. So while she is a hilarious truth teller, she often barrels through situations needing social decorum or any iota of sophistication. She's used to being alone, actually she prefers it, but she realizes that life isn't worth living if she can't share it with a family.

‍Peter Kim

How does she character overcome those challenges?
She finds ways to temper her anger and experience true vulnerability around people. The comedic persona of  Peter Kim never really changes, will the real me ever get there?

Any other comments?
This was really trippy to think about. but in a way it was a nice exercise in self-reflection. Thanks!

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